“Juvis Professional Diet” Does it Again…

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(Source: Busan Focus, 15 June 2011, page 17)

With apologies to the guinea pigs that were the first to receive it back in March, as I get more practice I’m constantly updating (and hopefully improving) my public lecture on gender and Korean advertising, and as I prepare to give it a fourth time this weekend I realize I’ve been seriously remiss in not mentioning Koreans’ exceptionally tolerant attitudes towards photoshopping in it previously. Deciding to remedy that in the latest version then (up soon), naturally I decided to include one of the most notorious recent examples: singer G.Na‘s advertisements for “Juvis Professional Diet“, which I discussed here. Surely, I thought, there was no greater epitome of its excessive use and public acceptance than making such an already attractive woman end up looking like an alien (or at least her legs).

Then I opened today’s paper…


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