Part-time website tester (Seoul)

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We require 100 website testers in Seoul and Busan who will install our free android smartphone app and join the paid Neptune Korea Community.

We help our clients understand how their websites are performing in Korea with end-user, last-mile connection testing.

Simply install the Neptune Android App from and register. Once approved, the app will start "polling".

Six times per day, the Neptune app will run a short (5-15 minutes) routine to connect to our clients websites. At the end of the routine, the app will report the testing data to our server.

You don't need to do anything except leave your phone turned on and connected to internet.

The app is safe, non-intrusive and uses very limited bandwidth.

Each time the routine completes, you will earn KRW210 for a passive total monthly income of KRW39,000.

Agents are paid at the end of each quarter, direct into their Korean bank account via a third party payment provider ( or via PayPal.

Learn more about Neptune, the app and payments at

Requirements :

  • Android smartphone
  • Aged 18+
  • Must have a Korean Bank Account or PayPal Account
  • Must be in Seoul or Busan

About Neptune

Neptune is a service operated by Neptune Cyber ​​Security Limited (Hong Kong) in several countries since 2016 to help clients check the performance of their websites by local users.

An important part of providing clients with confidence is the “last mile test” by end users.

The free Neptune Connect android app is distributed to a global community of freelance agents that are paid to install the app on their smartphones and let it operate its non-intrusive daily routines throughout the day-pinging our clients websites 5-6 times per day and returning helpful telemetric data that is reported to the clients.

The pinging routine will normally take between 5-20 minutes and the data collected from website testing includes:

  • round trip speed
  • page sizes and load times
  • data loss
  • network errors
  • potential security issues

The app will not disrupt the users smartphone performance and will not use more than 1-2MB of data.

Agents are paid for every successfully submitted ping test and will be paid at the end of each month, once they reach the minimum balance.


There is no application process. Simply install the app and register a new account.

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