Tea and Toast

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Tea and Toast

Musings from a graduate on the breadline.

Caroline L. Quick is a 25 year old layabout currently positioned in Warrington, the industrial Mecca responsible for Kerry Katona, Lever Brothers and Chris Evans. Prior to returning to the homeland she fled her homeland to study English and Philosophy at Leeds University, where she learned many things but forgot many, many more. Since graduating in 2009 she has considered a host of potential careers from Banking to Bartending but has shown little in the way of aptitude for anything other than sitting on the sofa absorbing the internet and occasionally dancing to Phil Collins in her pajamas.

Caroline currently resides in Busan (Korea) and spends her days teaching middle school boys how to pronounce things with a northern english twang. She has developed a worrying addiction to frozen dumplings and (if this is not quickly remedied) will probably have to book two seats back to England.

To life, love, and wearing glasses when you don't need them.

Edit: Caroline has now moved to Korea and thinks you should look at all her lovely photos here: www.carolinelquick.tumblr.com


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