Korea - The Final Chapter

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In September I started my new twelve month teaching contract in South Korea. This contract is at the same school that I have been already working at, Changnyeong English Village in Gyeongsangnam-Province. David and I have decided that this year will be our final year living in South Korea. Including this contract we will have worked here for a total of four years and 3 months. Eeeeekkk …how time flies!

I came to South Korea in 2008. I intended to stay for one year. After two and a half years working in two different schools I returned to the UK but  after ten months I returned to South Korea to work at my current school. I committed to another two years of teaching and residing in this beautiful country.

Although I am extremely happy with my decision to return to the UK in September 2013, I can not help to feel nervous, anxious and most of all incredibly sad to be leaving South Korea.

So for my final year here, I have decided to make the most of every minute I have. This means more festivals, more temples, more beaches, more camping, more skiing, more shopping, more markets, more eating meats, more eating sweets, more drinking, more DVD rooms, more arcades, more exploring, more vacations, and of course more snapping with my camera and more blogging so my family know what I am up to and so I will never forget my precious time here!

I previously used Blogger but now WordPress has won we over. My final year, The Final Chapter, a new contract a new blog!


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