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NON-Degree jobs in South Korea

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NON-Degree jobs in South Korea
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Hi everyone, just wondering is it possible to get a full time job as a foreigner in South Korea without a degree?

Keeping in mind I intend to learn Korean as well...

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Re: NON-Degree jobs in South Korea

I think this will be difficult thing to do.

Have you found any option? I have a couple of friends who are also intrested about this issue.

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Re: NON-Degree jobs in South Korea

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Re: NON-Degree jobs in South Korea

Yes, its.... I have no degree and I'm working full time.... 

You should try the gov job agency. If you are in Busan you can book a translator in Busan Foreign Centre (Global Center). Its free. They can help you with the job searching process, fill the resume, etc.

Good luck!

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