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Bus Routes from Busan Station/Choryang-dong to Pusan National Univ PNU

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Bus Routes from Busan Station/Choryang-dong to Pusan National Univ PNU
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 Does anyone know which bus to take to PNU from Busan Station/Choryang-dong area? And how long it takes? Been trying to search online but can't seem to find it. Also if there is a bus from PNU to Kyungsung University?




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Well I just looked in my bus

Well I just looked in my bus timetable for buses between any of those places and came up with a blank. But, I know for a fact there is a bus from KSU to PNU, but can't remember the number. It leaves from near the small police station on the main road in KSU. I guess the problem is that I am looking under PNU and the bus companies obviously have another name for the stop.

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The subway is a much better option than the bus between PNU and Busan Station.  Faster and more comfortable.


Bus 51 goes between PNU and Kyungsungdae (it also goes down to PUFS).  To catch the bus from PNU to KSU, go to one of the stops on the big, busy one-way street a few block down from the PNU main gate.

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Bus routes

Okay, way off the topic here, but is there a website that lists all the bus routes on Busan? I mean, those bus drivers know where to stop and all, how much work could it be for them to write it all down and someone to type it up? I know, probably a lot of work, but seriously, someone needs to do that. 

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Busan Bus Website

I remember about 10 years ago, there used to be a city map that showed most bus routes.  Haven't seen one of those in a long time though and not sure if it still exists.  If we can find folks willing to work on it, Koreabridge would definitely be glad to do whatever we can to support the creation of an English language bus guide. 

http://busanbus.or.kr/ has all the bus route information for Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongsangnam-do, but it's Korean language only.  The screencast below shows how to use the site. 

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Re: Busan Bus Website

Hi, I just tried to watch the screencast above to interpret the korean bus timetable but it doesn't bring anything up.

I'm trying to find out how to get from Boemnaegol to Haeundae by bus in the mornings. It takes a long time on the train and there seems to be a quicker direct route if I went on the bus.

Can anyone help?


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