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Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

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Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?
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I recently just moved to Busan and live in Suyeong-dong. Does anyone know of any good boxing gyms, or fitness gyms in the area? My Korean friend (girl)and I want to exercise in the evenings. Cardio style boxing, if possible, but a regular gym would be okay too.


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Re: Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

Well, there is a boxing gym not too far from you.  It's called Jang Jung Goo boxing club.  It's on the 3rd floor of a building across the IT building in Geomyeondong.  If you are coming from KSU., it's right in front of the bus stop after the  stop in front of McDonalds.  There is a bank right there, but I can't think of the name of it off hand.  It starts with an "S".  Anyway, the bank sign is blue.  There are women who work out there.  However, this is a boxing club, not an aerobic "boxing" style club.  If that's what you are looking for, then this may not be it for you.  You'll have trainers that will work with you, who will teach you the fundamentals.  There are some old weights and treadmills that you can use.  You can still get a great cardio workout doing boxing, but don't expect this to be like an aerobic class.  Good luck.  

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Re: Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

I'm looking for one myself that doesn't cost an arm and a leg... Did you find anything?


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Re: Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

There's a gym right by the Suyeong traffic circle....right outside exit #9 there is a building with a GS 25 at the bottom.  The gym is on the top floor.  Forget how much it is (went in there about a year ago and was pretty decent...I joined one close to my school instead).  

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