On Being a Writer in Korea – A ‘How To’ & ‘Where To’ Guide

Part 2

Of course, to be a writer you have to write. But of equal importance to the writing element is you have to be read. There are many different ways to be read, but rest assured that for all the fantastic poetry and prose you scribble in your fancy notebook and for all the standing up on stage you do at open mic nights, you will never be never be read if you do not approach the media.

Of course you could argue that you write for yourself, which is fine, but if that is your take on writing then this post is not directed at you. And even if that is your take, you probably want to write for someone someday.

Take Better Pictures: 5 Korean Photo Blogs You Should Follow

Whether you want to become the next Ansel Adams, or just learn how to take better pictures to post on Facebook, these blogs will help you get there.


ZenKimchi recently posted about a new Korea Tourism Organization initiative called - as I've done before with other tourism / expat websites, it's time for a review.

The Korean government has a pretty spotty reputation when it comes to websites - a bit ironic considering the technological savvy of both the country and its people. Some websites come out looking great - is one example - while others initially fell flat on their face. That the latter has improved from when I first reviewed it is hopeful.

The homepage is attractive enough:

Website Help!

Looking for someone in Busan who can help us with our website, I'm trying to get the Magento Ecommerce Platform up and running but am missing some small bit of info/know how to get the installation to run. Probably something very simple for those in the know. In addition to that I just need a little tutoring on the finer points of the CMS and whatnot, basically someone to come by my place and point out my where I'm going wrong.

Can't offer significant compensation, but definitely dinner, drinks and discounts off any of the vast array of foods we offer on our site, I'm sure something can be negotiated.

You can reply to this Ad or give me a call 010-2562-7268





How NOT to make a tourist website

Brian in Jeollanam-do and Stafford of the Chosun Bimbo have already weighed in, but I sincerely hope this is a lesson in what NOT to do when building websites. Here's the website in question,, now presenting: What NOT to do when building a tourist website:

A screenshot of the home page to, current as of the posting date.

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