To Canada and Back Again: A Photographer’s Story Pt. 1



People often ask me why I have so few pictures from my hometown of Brandon or even Canada for that matter. While I have a few photos from years past, I never really got in the mood to shooting when I have been home recently. I could never figure out why. It wasn’t until I went back to Canada for the month of July that I realized that photography and your current mood are intertwined.

Nampo-dong and Jagalchi Market

Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, I’m just your average 24-year old Canadian teaching English in Korea, finding my way through food, fitness and a foreign culture. Trying to figure out what I’m meant to do, what I have to share and how I want to live a life of fulfillment. Originally,  I dreamed that photography would be my goal, and so I pursued art school, and graduated with a BFA, Major in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design in Vancouver, BC. Upon completion of my school in 2010, I set out with hope and passion, excited to begin my new career as an aspiring photographer.

Wednesday, May 02

Coffee Shop ‘Short’

W hile sitting in a cafe this afternoon I overheard a guy talking about a ‘short’ film he had just finished with some friends. A terrorist is about to go out and do some very extreme act when he discovers he has just won a major lottery jackpot. The guy is sitting in a hotel room, strapping explosives to his body with the TV on. He glances at the screen as the lottery numbers are being shown and realizes he’s wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. And there’s his dilemma. It sounded like they had a good time shooting it. Great idea.

I mentioned in a previous post how I had put all this time into a website only to discover I couldn’t employ some of the major functionality I needed. I got it sorted. I found a very impressive looking theme with absolutely everything I need for that site already included in the options. That way I’m not screwing around TOO much with the PHP to get everything tickety boo.

Vancouver 3

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English_Bay Van_Planes Boat_Transit

Vancouver 2

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A perspective of Vancouver

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