I have allergies. Symptoms include: horrendously itchy nose, runny-stuffy nose, watery puppydog eyes, wet cough, headache, misery. Does anyong have any advice about allergies? No idea how to find out what’s causing them exactly, or how to stop this torture.


My 1st Day Teaching in Vietnam

It’s so hot here. So hot. So jungly. Me and my heat rashes are definitely going through an adjustment period!


My morning walk...gorgeous but fucking hot as fuck
My morning walk…gorgeous but fucking hot as fuck


My first day of teaching was yesterday…..


‘Seoul Searching’ Director: ‘This Country is Half Made Up of Minorities, But Cinema Doesn’t Reflect That’


A movie any gyopo can relate to.

Originally posted on Variety:

Warning: Do Not Learn Korean This Way

When learning a language, it is very easy to struggle or become demotivated because of the way that you are studying.

Think back to when you learned a language in high school. Many people can’t remember much of the languages they learned at school despite spending many hours studying them. And as a result, they believe that they are naturally bad at languages.

The good news is that usually that’s not true, and now you have a second chance. If you make use of better techniques you will find that language learning can be surpingly fun, simple, and effective!


Living in Korea: 10 Korean Apps You Need

When you are in Korea, you can download various Korean apps onto your smartphone in order to make your life simpler and easier. Here are ten of the most useful applications for life in Korea.


If you don’t have KakaoTalk on your phone then you might as well not even have a phone. This Korean app is so widespread that even your sixty-year-old boss will send you messages over KakaoTalk rather than regular texts.

2. Aco-Coffee, Gimhae, Gyongsangnamdo

1. Cafe Sweet Coax, Gimhae, Gyongsangnamdo

Cafe Sweet Coax, Gimhae

Mean Girls

How do you teach mean girls?

Today, my evening class contained arrogant, catty, and peevish young women.

These kids are fourteen, so I felt like I could talk to them as if they were young adults. WRONG. I allowed them to sit wherever they wanted at first, and I let them to snack. Those two minor allowances turned them WILD! They weren’t listening to me AT ALL, and were virtually ignoring everything but their own conversations. When I tried to split them up, they obstinately refused. They refuse to engage with anyone they consider uncool or ugly. How infuriating. So I called in the branch manager. He yelled at them, and I morphed into a cold, angry dictator for the rest of the lesson.

MERScation Continues: Sunday on Daecheon Beach

As I mentioned in the previous post, the MERS scare has caused a beautiful rarity for us teachers in Cheonan: SCHOOL HAS BEEN CANCELED! Most of us are experiencing a glorious four to five day weekend.

In celebration of this vacation, I went to Daecheon Beach with a group of twelve foreign teachers and one native Korean. Daecheon Beach is about an hour away from Cheonan via Korail. Korail is basically like America’s Amtrak, but with nicer, velvety seats. I spent the short trip gazing out the window at rice paddies, which was a relaxing and fun activity in and of itself.

Once we got to Daecheon, a new friend introduced me to the best goddamn food on the planet: dakgangjeong. Dakgangjeong is wonderful chicken with a peanutty flavor. 


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