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Korean Valentine’s Phrases You Will Love


*Can’t read Korean yet? Go here for a free guide to learn in 60 minutes!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or 해피 발렌타인 데이 in Korean.

Killer Online Resources for Learning Korean

Visit Korea to Hear These 6 Surprising Things

First time travelers may be in for a surprise when they visit Korea.      

Upon your first conversations, all may seem normal.

However, when you get to talking more with the locals, you will notice quirky, unusual, or hilarious things that only foreigners get to experience.

Here are six surprising things you’ll here from Koreans when you visit Korea. Each statement or question is written in both English and Korean. Bonus points if you can recognize people saying it in Korean.

If you can’t read Korean, now’s the perfect time to learn. Read this free Hangul guide, and within 60 minutes you’ll be set to read the Korean alphabet!

Deez Nuts: On Privilege, Apologies, and Cho Hyun-ah


Well said! Some thoughts on ‘Nutgate’, the scandal which has dominated the headlines in Korea for weeks.

Originally posted on SWEET PICKLES & CORN:

Koreatown emerges in Allston-Brighton


I’m checking out Allston-Brighton tomorrow, so I wanted to give you guys are glimpse of it before I share my own thoughts.

Originally posted on Immigration Talk:

Registration for January 10th Meeting OPEN!!

Korea Bistro Makgeolli Pub (코리아식당)

Name: Korea Bistro Makgeolli Pub (코리아식당)

Reviewed by: Mama Julia & Papa Dan

Innovation or Aberration? – Unpeeling the Costco Onion Salad

John Bocskay:

My latest piece over at Sweet Pickles an Corn: on the odd practice of eating condiment onions as a side dish, and the odder habit of freaking out about it.

Originally posted on SWEET PICKLES & CORN:

Having a Korean Farm Experience with MAFRA’s Happy Bus Day

How to Save Money While Teaching in Korea

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