Nostalgic Korean Snack~ Home Run Ball ♥홈런볼

Today lets have a classic Korean snack review: “Home run ball 홈런볼” by HT~  a favorite here since 1981!!

♥ ♥ ♥

I Make Cake Café Haeundae


 Whether you’re a dude hunting for an awesome date idea, or a pack of girls searching for somewhere to spend the afternoon, cake cafes are not only fun, but delicious. On the sidewalk outside stands a sign detailing all of their sugary, and fresh options. Ranging from $5 cupcakes to $20 heart-shaped chocolate cakes, everything is cute, tasty and reasonably priced.

Lunch with Pororo

 Time for a simple cute post~ Pororo snack time!!  I kept seeing all these cute treats and finally caved one day and bought them all so I could give them a try!  I am such a big kid.. so now that I have a blog to share this with it kinda gives me a good excuse to buy extra cute junk hehehe

♥ ♥ ♥

Do you know Pororo? He is a hit children’s character here in Korea!  I will feature him soon!

Cute Penguin Frozen Chocolate Kit ♥

Make your own candy kits are extremely popular in Japan, the selection is endless and always amusing!  Kits like those are here in Korea, but sadly the selection is very random and limited!  These are really fun little craft kits + edible, so I hope they catch on because I love giving them a try and I am sure kids do as well!

♥ ♥ ♥

New sparkling ICE drinks in Korea

Recently my local convenience store has started to stock a brand new brand of drinks called ICE Sparkling!  The flavors being sold are apple, peach, grape, and cream soda which sounds a little strange to some I am sure, but creamy soda-ish drinks are fairly popular here.

Xylitol Rainbow Gum in Korea

Have you seen the new flavor of Xylitol gum in Korea? It’s RAINBOW!

Cherry Cola Mentos

Ok maybe this is not a big deal to some people, but I love Mentos candy and they have a “Fresh Cola” flavor here in Korea!  I spotted these at E-mart the other day and since I love the candy and pretty much anything that is Cola flavored I got all excited and grabbed a few rolls.

Crunch Ice Cream Bars of Korea

The following are all the crunch bar style (aka cookie coated) ice cream treats you can find in Korea!  As I discover new ones I will add them to the list! ♥

Name:    Pig bar ( 돼지바)

Price: 900-1000원

Calories: 210

Maker: Lotte

짱!셔요 sour gummies

Name:  짱!셔요

Calories: 135

Maker: 롯데

Yum: ♥  1/2

짱!셔요   is a brand of sour gummies that you often find at the 7-11 and other mini stops around Korea right up at the register!  They cost about 700원 and if you are a fan of sour gummies these hands down are the easiest brand to find in Korea. The packet I have here has the characters on the outside, they are on a lot of sugar snacks atm so its not always the normal packaging with this candy ♥

Bacon Chips ♥ 베이컨칩

Name:    베이컨칩 Bacon Chip

Maker: 빙그레

Yum: ♥ 

I loves me some bacon~ so when I saw a bag of Korean Bacon Chips I sprung in to attack!

I had high hopes for this bacon snack, it sure looked yummy on the package!

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