Say What?! Episode 10: How Do I Poop at School? Squat Toilet Tips

One of the biggest anxieties that I hear about from new or prospective teachers applying to EPIK is about the bathroom situation at public school! I hope these tips will help you calm some fears about using squat toilets, which you will most likely have to do if you work at public school!

1.) Find the 교무실 (the teacher’s room) in your school, and look for the bathroom nearby. That bathroom will usually have toilet paper and soap!

2.) Keep soap, hand sanitizer, and tissue in your desk. I would keep tissue in your bag/purse whereever you go, but keep an extra set of tissues just for school!

3.) Depending on your office situation, teachers may chip in to buy office supplies, snacks, coffee, and tissue. Ask your co-teacher or officemate about the system they use. But I’d go ahead and bring everything you need and keep it in your desk just in case! Ask your co-teacher if they have a system or if you should donate some money to buy tissue for the office.

It is not uncommon to see one massive roll of tissue paper in...

It is not uncommon to see one massive roll of tissue paper in Korean public restrooms. When you see this, you should know that there will be no tissue paper in the stall. I have often walked into a private stall, seen no toilet paper, and then cursed if I had forgotten to pack tissue in my purse.

Note: In Korea, always pack tissue in your purse.

I enjoy this massive roll of tissue paper immensely. First of all, it makes sense. It is easier for the janitor to restock. Also, it makes me laugh when I see girls grab a lot because then I know they’re going to have a BM. I laugh at the lack of privacy. mawhahahahahah

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