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5 Korean Words Every K-Drama Fan Should Know (DramaFever)

A few months ago I was contacted by the folks over at to come up with a new video for DramaFever’s YouTube channel.

After a bit of planning and discussing, I decided to start a small side-series (separate from my regular weekly YouTube uploads) teaching Korean vocabulary words from K-drama.

This is the first video covering just a few simple Korean words that you might hear in K-dramas.

Learn about the words 오빠, 언니, , 누나, and 동생, and see some examples of their usage in Korean dramas.

How to Learn 50 Vocab a Day [HD]

How to Learn Korean with K-Drama

Ideas and Tips on Gift-Giving in Korea

If you’re new to South Korea, you’ll notice the hundreds of specialty shops that dot the city streets that offer more goods and gifts you could ever hope to buy for yourself. A great way to take advantage of these amazing shops and indulge in their wares is to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of gift-giving.

Many Asian cultures value modesty and graciousness as staples of their culture, and South Korea is no different. This translates into the gift-giving culture as a wonderful way to express gratitude towards others who have shown their kindness. If you are new to the culture, here are a few tips to help your gift-giving in South Korea go smoothly.

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