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Greetings from hot and somewhat sunny Thailand! I am currently enjoying this drastic temperature change from cold, windy Korea... but I admit I fell prey to a cold right before leaving so I am still recovering.

My belly is full of delicious Thai foods and fruits... so full, in fact, I took a look in the mirror today and said to myself: Woah! I have to cut back on the sticky rice!

I have no updates as of right now. I've got a ticket back to Korea on March 31st. My job still hasn't booked my ticket back home, so I feel like I'm in limbo a little. Well, I do plan on taking a Thai cooking course in beautiful beachfront Samui, maybe do a little Muay Thai or go up north to Chang Mai. I don't know! Trying to get these good vibes going!

Don't be down, don't be down, don't be down!

Sartorial Hypocrisy

It’s hard to believe, but Thai university students actually wear uniforms in college?! Worse still, an older generation believes the uniforms serve a purpose. This has to be the most jarring moral juxtaposition of conservatism and raw commercial exploitation of sex in any country on the planet. Asia Sentinel has a rare moment of clarity.

Vacation Tips

I meant to throw up another post in addition to this one, but I’ve been far too busy this week finishing up English camp and and preparing to take off for vacation.

My school has allowed me to leave the plantation for a couple of weeks and I’ll be spending that time in Thailand. The cold in Busan has been annoying as of late so the beach and sun will be a welcomed (and much needed) change-up.

perpetual motion

se asia via various vehicles. i recovered an old hard drive and had some extra time on my hands.


recovering an old hard drive + snowed in winter break=


A Bronze tom

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This morning my alarm fails to go off but I jolt awake anyways and sit up in a haze of confusion.  True, my dreams were crazy as all hell, and for whatever reason I slept with the window open, causing a cold breeze to sweep through my apartment, but this still doesn’t account for my sudden rise from REM.

Pronotion By Sex Change Surgery

Warning: NOT for the squeamish!

Customers come to Thailand for sex reassignment surgery, including woman-to-man, from the US, South Korea, and in Japan, an inch is worth a job promotion.

Displaying excruciatingly graphic medical photos on his computer’s screen, Preecha explained why it is much more difficult to turn a woman into a man. The medical and cosmetic problems convince most women to opt for a very small penis, instead of an average-sized longer one.

“To do the long penis involves a very big operation, and quite a lot of mutilation, because the patient will have big scarring on the side of their belly, or on the arm, or the thigh, from the skin graft or the skin flap.'re so far away from here're so far away from here
In Phuket, Thailand. Korea seemed so far away from here.

The IMF Is Coming!

The IMF is back in town! Hide the gold and jewelry! Really, the IMF is back in the ROK to make amends. WangKon936′s original posts on the “IMF Crisis” and this old piece by Joseph Stiglitz (in lieu of a review I wrote of book-length treatment from a grad school class) are useful backgrounders on why the IMF feels so contrite. It seems the IMF learned about burnishing its image and allowing others to criticize it.


Thailand now has the world's MOST ........... head of state.



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