The Also Rans (a good name for a punk band?)

I'm currently going through a bit of a drought at the moment. We're on the island of Ko Chang off Thailand's south coast, and street food's been a little thin on the sand. Instead, I've decided to spotlight some of the street food I've had in the last month or so that for various reasons I've left unreported.

A banana fritter outside the entrance to a waterfall near Luang Prabang. These bananas are small and almost potato like in texture. They can well withstand the heat o'the fryer and come out tasting savory sweet 'n snacky.

Green Curry and Tom Yam in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok yesterday, and I'm already getting a taste of what makes it so different from the rest of South East Asia. The city is a dizzy mish mash of royal pomp, rampant commerce, lady boys, sex tourists, backpackers, scam artists and traditional Thai courtesy. Crowded, polluted and tiring at times - but never boring.

Chaing Mai Sunday Market

We arrived in Chang Mai on Sunday, just in time for the wonderful Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market. The Market takes over the entire main street of the old town, and features a wide variety of the usual jewelry, fans, lamps, souvenirs etc.

And food. I'd heard that the Thais love to eat, but this literally blew me away. The market is home to the most diverse and well executed street food I've yet to encounter on this trip - think London's Borough Market without the gentrification.

The trouble with "Asian Pride"

Asian Americans, as a whole, are an exemplary example to all Americans. By every measure --education, income, productivity and a lower rate of typical social ills, they are by far the most accomplished of the American census' muddled concept of what constitutes an ethnic group.Consider this: Fifty percent of Asian Americans over 25-years-old have a college degree --drubbing second ranked,

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