Teaching @ CEV

Finishing Up at CEV

CEV is an English Village, where students come to be taught in an immersion program. There are 8 teachers, from various countries and we teach different students every week as part of the ‘camp’. It is an English only environment where the students visit a variety of simulation rooms such as Post Office, Bank, Hospital, Shop, Airport, Hotel and Restaurant as well as practice conservation in English. There are also other fun rooms such as Science, Art, Language Laboratory and Movie Theatre. We teach primarily students from the age of 9-15 years old. On occasion we teach Kindergarten and twice a year we have a hagwon style class in the evenings where the same students return everyday.

Kindergarten Time…(oh no!)

Is it that time  already? Here at CEV we teach kindergarten students twice a year. It is only for two days, four lessons in total but it always takes it’s toll! I had twelve students in my class, all aged five (Korean age) with no co-teacher! Our classroom and the supplies we have at CEV do not cater for the little darlings so EVERYTHING that is not glued down will get pulled, ripped snapped, broken and chewed. The desks and chairs we have are humongous, getting them to stay in their seats for more than ten minutes is a miracle. Overall I do look forward to teaching the sweet and not so sweet little kindergartners but I also look forward to it ending!!! :)

Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

Book Making

Once a year the teachers at CEV have to make a text book to use at the school. This year we had to make two completely different books. One for beginner students and one for advanced students. Each book had to contain around 100 pages. It was a difficult task as we didn’t have much allocated time to complete them, but we managed to meet the deadline just about! As CEV has many simulation rooms the topics in the text books centred around them. Every teacher concentrated on one or two topics. This involved making a cover page for each topic, this was probably the only fun part about making the entire book!

Teaching @ Christmas

December is always fun at school because we get to incorporate a lot of Christmas themed activities/ GAMES into our lessons. This is always nice because the students are not very motivated as it is the end of their school term.

Also in  December the winter evening class programme finished. We will see the majority of the students again as they will return when we have the next session in spring. We said bye to some of the students for the last time as they will be to old to participate in the programme again. It is a shame to see them go.


Now and again we teach Kindergarten students. In December it was time to do so. We only taught two 45 minute classes for two days BUT it is absolutely crazy! Fun…but still absolutely crrraaazzzyyy!

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