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Only in the Classroom


A Korean Piggy to Inspire Me


Only in the Classroom

Blueberry Milk, Love and Choco pies

Oh, you funny student As I was snacking at work yesterday and talking to a student, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I realized what exactly my blueberry milk said: My student also thought it ridiculous how random products have things about love written on it. “I found insecticide…insect killer..it said, ‘If you [...]

A Korean Cinderella…. I think

Cinderella, or as they pronounce it here as Shinderella (신데렐라) is a pretty popular story right? As an exercise, I made my student dictate to me the story of Cinderella. I transcribed and then we would check for errors. And here is what came of it:

Miss Alex: Are you sure this is the Cinderella story?

Student: Yes, Korean Shinderella. 

Rice Cakes and Teeth

I was talking to one of my students about the new braces she was sporting, which she seemed uncomfortable to have. Her mom is a dentist’s assistant so the conversation further went on about how, according to this child, getting your wisdom teeth pulled does not hurt. Umm, come again?? 

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