Taiwan, again! (Part 2)

My country retreat in Meinung had drawn to a close and I woke up refreshed and early for the bus back to Kaohsiung. My next destination was Kenting on the very southern tip of the island. To reach my destination I would have to return to Kaohsiung and change buses at the terminal. Three hours later I arrived in Kenting. Bus travel in Taiwan was proving to be as efficient and comfortable as it was in Korea. The buses might be a little older, but what they lack in modernity they make up for it with huge, couch-like, seats.

Christmas Holiday Part 1- Taiwan!

David and I decided to spend our Christmas vacation visiting two countries, Taiwan and Japan. As per usual I had to write a report for our Korean employers. So here it is…(Remember this report is exaggerated to please our bosses!)

Vacation Travel: Don’t forget to pack the right people.

Travels to Taiwan

Following the incredibly long spring/summer term (essentially from the middle of January through to the beginning of August due to desk-warming in the spring vacation) the time finally arrived for me take a well-earned break. In July I had booked my flight tickets and with little else planning done, due to being busy at school, August 4th came around and I was on a flight from Busan headed for Taipei, Taiwan. From Taiwan I would head to Japan the following week before returning to work just over two weeks later.

Terrific Taipei, Day 1

After a good few months of solid teaching work, I've finally taken a vacation.

I landed in Taipei late Monday night from Busan. My flight was fast and comfortable, and I had no problems navigating the airport. I grabbed a taxi, barely uttering my directions in (some version of) Chinese, and was on my way.

Taipei Airport
(Photo courtesy

Taipei Gay Pride Festival 2011

Taiwan has one of the largest gay communities in the whole of Asia, and in turn hosts one of the largest pride festivals on the continent.  Taiwan was in fact the first Asian government to propose legalization of gay marriage and the right for same-sex couples to adopt.  The proposition was ultimately shut down, but it’s a start!  Although gay marriage remains banned, there is legislation protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

This year’s Gay Pride Festival fell on the last Saturday in October (also Halloween weekend which the Taiwanese are avid celebrators).  Tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets of Taipei in support of the movement.  Below are some photos of characters from the afternoon.

Ni hao, Taiwan!

It’s been ages since I’ve written!  I feel I really should start it up again; at least it’s some small bit of discipline.  But we won’t get into that.

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