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Vital Visits in Itaewon

The Itaewon and Hongdae districts of Seoul are areas that most foreigners will come to see as a sort of 'holy city' during their time in South Korea. Most Korean cities or towns are not without Western conveniences such as a few fast food joints, one or two grossly overpriced designer clothes stores, and cinemas showing Western movies in English - but for a truly homesickness inducing day, a visit to the area really is necessary.


A walk through Itaewon's crowded streets is one of the rare occasions in Korea where you don't feel like a minority (the other being the Mud Festival). You're likely to see a lot more Westerners in the crowds here, and for a moment it's easy to forget that you're at the heart of Korea's largest city.


Destination: Taco Bell

To my wonderful American / Canadian audience: I realize it might sound a little silly to write a 'Destination' post about a fast-food restaurant, but read on all the same. I write about this new establishment for a reason.

The first Taco Bell open to the Korean public officially opened in Itaewon earlier today. Although a rumor implied a 'soft opening' a few days earlier, July 11th was the scheduled date - naturally, off I went to enjoy a taste of America.

Taco Bell - an update

Just a quickie while working on another post.

Last night I read a rumor that Taco Bell was already open, which I doubted - but immediately wanted to confirm. Earlier today, I read the following on 10 Magazine's website:

Top 5 all time April Fool's Day Hoaxes

A long time reader and frequent commenter, the incorrigible, "Making of a Man," has been prodding me to do something special for April Fool's day. I thought about it and figured any prank I pulled would be cliché and decided to instead feature some of the greatest April Fool's day gags of all time --in no particular order.#1 The Taco Liberty Bell: In 1996 The Taco Bell Corporation announced it

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