Spa Land is the most expensive but probably the best jjimjilbang...

Spa Land is the most expensive but probably the best jjimjilbang (찜질방) in Korea (and likely, the world). It’s located in Shinsegae, the world’s biggest mall, so as expected, Spa Land is huge, clean, and modern. They have hot rooms, cold rooms, salt rooms, and a bunch of other rooms that are all good for you in some way. 

You can hang out with your friends and family everywhere but the baths, which are single-sex only. 

Welcome to Spaland

I was given an unexpected day off yesterday as my school was closed for it’s birthday celebrations. Apparently in Korea this is something worth celebrating, and although I was confused I was certainly not complaining. I had planned to spend my day shopping for a birthday present for myself but realised after about an hour that there was nothing I really wanted or needed that could be purchased here. I considered buying more Korean cosmetics (my never-failing fallback) but made myself leave the shop empty-handed after considering how much excess baggage I am likely to have to pay already upon my return home.

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