South Asia

Kaplan on the Middle Asian Lake

I can’t say I’ve always loved what Robert D, Kaplan has written, but I did enjoy what he says in this “Tea with Robert Kaplan” video (sorry, the video uploaded a bit oddly). I’m a bit skeptical about Beijing’s peaceful rise, though. Yet, I heartily agree that the key to American competitiveness in the region is to eschew territorial entanglements,

Here’s a link to Kaplan’s Monsoon. The video, though, is a much more compelling ad than this sensationalistic crap on the site.

Selling What Japan, Inc. Has Left

It’s not that I don’t think geopolitical fears of Beijing’s rise are driving Tokyo’s drive to sign civilian nuclear deals with India, but that Joshua Keating talks about everything but Japan, Inc.’s pressure to compete against its foreign rivals. And, why make hay of anti-nuclear sentiment in Japan; can it really stop a deal?

Japan’s willingness to cooperate on nuclear energy with India is a pretty good indication of how China’s military and economic rise has changed the equation for its neighbors.

The very article Keating produces is mostly about international corporate competition in the nuclear industry, not about nukes.

With Friends Like New Delhi

Brian Fung is rightly bewildered by the DPRK’s barter trade with India for oil, but a mere $2 million in another category is enough to wreck a friendship.

Perhaps a little more attention is in order since India is selling more than mere oil to North Korea. Last year, according to Indian trade data, India also exported $2 million in goods in a category called “nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances”–most likely water pumps, computer data storage units, ball bearings and machine tools. Could they be used to maintain a nuke plant in some way? Maybe.

A Dragon Beats an LTTE Tiger

Beijing's less than speedy resolution to slap Pyongyang's wrist is just one reason to reconsider how the United Nations votes its Security Council members to the big table. Vijay Sakhuja offers Beijing's less than positive influence in Sri Lanka as another cause for alarm. China continued to provide political and more recently enormous military support to [...]

Fooled by Low Baselines

I just don't comment on The Becker-Posner Blog enough - mostly because I don't read it enough as I would like. Yet the topic, "Is the World Economic Center of Gravity Moving to Asia?"", caught my attention. Posner is a bit pedantic on his main criticism of Becker's essay, or defining Asia. Becker actually does a [...]

Aid Money Greases Colombo's Slaughtering Wheel

However germane Matthew Lee's question, whether the UN facilitated screening and the slaughter of non-combatant Tamils used for shields by the LTTE, it doesn't seem, after Rwanda, anyone cares. Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left Flank. All Rights Reserved..

M.I.A. Raps Colombo

Even having to endure Bill Maher's condescension, Anglophobia, and his Sicily insult, I believe I'm in love - not with Maher. But, he had a point about Buddhists. Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left Flank. All Rights Reserved..

Planning the Next War in Sri Lanka

Now, the United Nations calls for action!The U.N. human rights chief called on Tuesday for an international inquiry to determine if Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil rebels committed war crimes in the last burst of their conflict.Ensuring accountability for abuses committed in the recent fighting should help the island nation's reconciliation after decades of [...]

Those Nasty Buddhists Again

Michael Schaffer assures non-Sri Lankans, that distraught over missing an opportunity to avert civil war between Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese, future Buddhist nationalists in Colombo might allow Westerners another chance for hollow charity. In fact, Sri Lanka's civil carnage has been most tragic precisely because of what the island nation is not. Rather than the sort [...]

No Joy over Sri Lanka's Peace

To their credit, Mark Leon Goldberg and Matthew Lee spread blame around liberally for the human rights debacle in Sri Lanka. I'll stipulate the LTTE is - was? - an odious organization. Yet, even more disgusting is an opinion like this:In the past 19 years, we have seen Fujimori finally put down the [...]

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