South Africa

First box by ship arrived!

So our airmail box (*sent from the post office at Incheon here for more info*) arrived a little while ago. And we are no happy to announce that box number 1 (of 5 or 6 from what we can remember) that was sent by ship, has finally arrived...yipee! Shipping items is a whole lot cheaper than sending them by airmail. It cost's roughly W50 000 (+-$50) to send a 20kg box from South

**Airmail**sending stuff from South Korea to South Africa

A few weeks ago the first (*of many*) boxes arrived safe and sound in sunny South Africa. The only difference being that this particular box was sent via airmail (costing me an arm and a leg) from Incheon airport. Now the reason for sending this box from Incheon is rather simple. Farmboy and I arrived at the airport (click here for more info on the airport limosine that runs from Daejeon to

Arriving back in South Africa!!

After a grueling 25 hours of traveling and waiting around at airports (and the huge hasstle of discovering that I was very much overweight despite my careful packing!), Farmboy and I arrived here in South Africa safetly :) And have already stuffed our faces silly with delicious bread rolls filled with ham, gourmet cheeses, basil, sundried tomato and *avocado*! Yum Yum Yum! What a lovely

Farmboys Farm!

Life in Korea: getting your taxes done in Korea and at home

Author's note: I am not a professional tax preparer, accountant, or IRS worker. While I've spent hours researching this post from official government sources, seek the professional help if you need it. Also consider using a program like TurboTax to submit the paperwork electronically (but see below for an important detail!)

China says "Jump!" South Africa asks, "How high?"

In case you doubted that the world is forever locked in a state of contradiction, cast your eyes towards South Africa's banning of the Dalai Lama from a peace conference in Johannesburg. When I first heard about it two words came immediately to mind: "Irony" and "Idiocy."That the government of a people who fought so long and so hard to rid themselves of colonial suppression would ban the world's

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