snow white

Which Disney princess would make the best co-teacher?

tumblr_nbyvp6UoQK1rmdodwo1_500Snow White – Her childlike innocence makes her perfect for working with elementary school kids. She gets them to whistle-while-they-work during even the most mundane of tasks, like tidying up the room or studying grammar. And if she can wrangle 7 dwarfs, you know she’s got to have mad classroom management skills. Just don’t let the kids try to give her any apples.


Snow White and the Last Dwarf

After seeing this comic I got to worrying about the other six dwarfs. A little Google research revealed nothing, so you will have to rely on my own conjecture.1. Doc: Last seen living in a cardboard box outside of a medicinal marijuana clinic in New York's red light district muttering, "Hi ho, high ho."2. Happy: Busted for selling Ecstasy to middle school students in Springfield, Massachusetts.3.

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