Snowboarding at Bears Town Ski Resort

Pocheon, South Korea —

The Ultimate Guide to South Korea’s Best Ski Resort

669Are you having trouble comparing and choosing the right ski resort for your ski holidays?

High 1 Ski Resort


High 1

Photo by Nicole Rafael

We all know that the Korean term of “famous” just means “popular”. High 1 is thought to be the most “famous” resort in Korea, and by that they mean busy.

The mountain is located in the Gangwon-do province due north of Busan this resort is just the thing to get the more advanced mountain goers buzzing.

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Our Weekend: Skiing and Quizzes

Happy Monday everybody! It's wet and rainy here but it's my last Monday before I'll be back in wet and rainy England for three weeks so it's a particularly good one! Not to mention, this weekend was lots of fun.

We started it on Friday night with sushi at Kappa Sushi where your order is delivered to your table on a small, motorised plane or dinosaur...amazing!
Quiz master

December Memories: Day 12

Ski Socks
Loving the ski fashion.

December Memories : Day 11

Ski Trip
"Get really close and act like you're really good friends," our co-teacher
said before he took this picture...

Outdoor Tourism in Korea : Featuring Photography of Seoraksan (Seorak Mountain)

Seoraksan Post-7

Tourism in Korea will explode because of one untapped resource – nature.

When foreigners (non-Americans) think of New York, they think of uncompromising skyscrapers, broad avenues, plush shopping and a city that never sleeps.  They, like most Americans, forget that New York is a massive state that offers much more than a singular city.  New York is a state of nature, mountains, and a beautiful drive on the Mohawk Towpath.

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