Korea Bistro Makgeolli Pub (코리아식당)

Name: Korea Bistro Makgeolli Pub (코리아식당)

Reviewed by: Mama Julia & Papa Dan

Another Long Weekend-Seoul Trip

We got another long weekend on the March 1st as it was a national holiday. This holiday is known as Independence Day or the Samil Movement, it was one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the occupation of the Korean Empire by Japan. Yippeeee for national holidays!

We decided to go to Seoul for two nights. David, myself, Amanda and Brandon have been on a strict healthy eating and exercise regime since the 1st January and Friday the 28th  February was officially the LAST day! So  it was inevitable that Seoul was going to be a junk food and alcohol fest!!!

For this weekend we decided to stay in a hostel in Hong-dae called Pencil Second. All four of us stayed in one room, which was an apartment style dorm. It cost 17,000 won per person per night.

Seoul Santacon 2012 – The North Invades South Korea

Donghak (동학) – Sillim-dong (신림-동)

Name: Donghak

Location: Sillim-dong

Reviewed by: Paul Jaesun Cho on: July 20, 2012

Paul’s Thoughts:I thought I went back in time and was starring in an epic style traditional Korean history drama, like Jumong.  The floors were literally made with packed dirt and a traditional straw type carpet laid over it.  The walls were made of concrete  with cracks in it, adding to the authenticity of the traditional feel and appearance.  The wallpaper was old newspapers.  Overall an incredible experience of traditional, historic Korea in a very busy, modern area of Seoul.

Seoul, Sinchon - Sinchon Rest

Sinchon Rest has a very old feel to it.  For some reason they don't give the women keys at the desk, but the give the men some.  Instead you go in, find a locker, and grab the key from the locker.  The wet area had an assortment of standing and sitting showers.  There were two saunas, one stone and one wood.  For bathes there was a hot, a hotter, and a freezing.

In terms of sleeping this jjimjilbang is amazing, especially for women.  There were sleeping areas right there in the wet area if you didn't feel comfortable going to the mixed area to sleep.  The sleeping room was on the fourth floor and had a large mixed area, as well as a glassed off area with bunks for women only.  There was a small room just for men on the floor below next to the gym and nail/hair salon.

‎(Jun 30) Sinchon Int'l Party신촌 외국인 친구 영어 파티 + Free Club Entrance

Saturday, June 30, 2012 - 19:30


Sinchon International Party Mar 24 신촌 외국인 친구 영어 파티 3월 24일

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 19:30


Sinchon International Party Mar 24 신촌 외국인 친구 영어 파티 3월 24일
A lot of people have signed up for the party already.
많은 분들이 벌써 참가 신청해주셨어요.
It's about meeting new people and making friends from various nationalities over beer.
맥주 마시면서 다양한 국적의 새로운 사람들 만나고 친구 사귀고 하는거에요.
Please come join us and have fun!
오셔서 즐거운 시간 보내세요.
Bring your friends and share this/pass this around!!
친구들 데리고 오시고, 이 글 좀 공유 해주세요~!!
Party pics 파티 사진
For more info, please email me at

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