Thoughts on Dol 돌

I shared the trailer for Andrew Ahn's Dol (First Birthday) back in May of 2012. Stupid me forgot to share the entire short film with my readers since its completion. We played the film as part of a queer short film event for the queer group in my department. If you don't shed a tear watching this film, you are heartless.
Some back story: Dol is the first birthday party for a Korean child. A bunch of objects are laid out in front of the child and the object he grabs will relate to their future fortunes and success. For example, thread means long life while money means wealth.

Queer Short Film Crowdfunding: 20 (이십)

I love this new initiative by directors to crowdfunding their films in order to start film production. One films that is being advertised on IvanCity is a Korean queer short film called 20.

Directed by 백인규 (In-gyu Baek), it looks like funding has already been realized so we can hopefully see this film later this fall. Here's the trailer.

Queer Short: You Used to Smile That Way (그렇게 웃어주던 니가)

Available on Youtube is 2009's You Used to Smile That Way. The short isn't fantastic, but it isn't awful either. 그냥 그래.

Short Films: Suddenly Last Summer (지난 여름, 갑자기 ) and Going South (남쪽으로 간다)

I saw Leesong Hee-il's (이송희일) two short films Suddenly Last Summer (지난 여름, 갑자기) and Going South (남쪽으로 간다) last night. I believe it was the first screening with English subtitles, which makes me feel a bit baller. One of the perks about living in Seoul is getting to see queer Korean films before the rest of the world. Then again, there aren't probably too many people out there who would find that a perk...
Anyways, as this was the first screening, the director was there to have a Q&A forum after the films. A translator was provided for the crowd. I would imagine there were about 25 foreigners and 15 Koreans in attendance. Honestly, I'm not the best at reviewing films but I'll talk about the films a bit and the Q&A session that followed. 콜?

Queer Short: Boy Meets Boy (소년 소년을 만나다)

Gay Shorts: The Postcard (엽서)

I saw this short way back in college. Back then, I didn't know hardly anything about Korea, but I thought it was a cute film.

Queer Short: A Crimson Mark

While I don't often watch feature films, Korea luckily has a lot of queer shorts. Not only can these films be enjoyed without sacrificing the greater part of an evening, they also are available on youtube. The joys of living in the 21st century... I'll try to find these shorts and include links to the clips on this blog.


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