Seoulsome Favourite

Best Cupcakes Yet @ Royal Cupcake, Cheongdam.

I interrupt the Halloween themed news to bring you my latest love, Royal Cupcake in Cheongdam.

Cupcakes & Coffee @ Sky Garden, Hyundai.

I've been to my local Hyundai Department Store more times than I care to imagine and no doubt many more times than I should have been. At least that's what my purse would tell you. In all these times I'd never known about one fantastic little secret it holds. Tucked away on the roof is a garden, or rather 'Sky Garden' as they call it. It was a complete surprise to me. It's a beautiful space where you can enjoy some outdoor air away from the chaos of the store and city. There's a strange phenomenon that I've observed a few times before, when your right in the heart of a busy city, slightly quieter spaces seem to take on a heightened sense of tranquility. Here it feels like you're a million miles away from the bustling basement grocery store and the snooty looks of the middle aged women browsing the designer rails.

Authentic Nepolitan Pizza @ The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo, Seoul.

Moreish Mexican @ On The Border

Sometimes I get a craving for some yummy Mexican food, last night was one of those nights. When that happens there are two places I head to in Seoul. Firstly there is Dos Tacos, it's a very casual, cheap and cheerful. This is the place to come for a quick but awesome burrito. The second place is On The Border, a restaurant with four locations in Seoul. It's a better place if your looking for a wider choice and a real sit-down dinner.

Possibly the Best Cocktail Bar in Seoul - Cafe 74

There's plenty of places to get a cocktail in Seoul but finding a well made one is much harder. One of my favourite bars to visit and possibly the best for cocktails is Cafe Seventy Four (74) in Cheongdam.

From the front Cafe 74 looks a lot like a nice Italian restaurant. You'd be right, the food here is good but as you'd expect in this area and setting slightly overpriced. The true greatness of Cafe 74 is hidden down the small side alley of the building.

Diner Pub @ Garasou Gil

If only more bars in Seoul were like this. From the outside Diner Pub looks nothing more than a shabby pub/restaurant but you'd be wrong to pass this up based on appearances. The fact that it's busy every day is proof that it's doing something right. In my opinion it's because they've found the perfect balance for a place to go hang out casually with your friends. The price is right for what you get, especially given it's in a notoriously more expensive area (Garasou Gil). The music's good and there's no pretence here. It's relaxed. I love it.


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