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US set to claim West Sea, East Sea

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Following South Korea's campaign to rename the Sea of Japan to the Korean-favored 'East Sea', the United States is set to do the same. While the rest of the world may call it the Pacific Ocean, the United States will simply call it the 'West Sea'. The Atlantic Ocean will be referred as the 'East Sea' as well, which may cause some confusion.

Dokdo and the East Sea primer video

The Voluntary Agency Network for Korea (VANK) has a promotional video in English to sort out the issue of Dokdo (rightfully Korean) and the "East Sea"/"Sea of Japan" (who cares?) controversy.While I side with the Koreans on Dokdo and its barren, rocky outcrops, this East Sea issue just comes off as whining --historical precedent or not. And since they want it returned to the name "East," doesn't

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