9 Hours in Sci-Fi

I'm not really writing about my trip to Japan in sequential order, so I figured I would jump to one of the most asked about aspects of my trip (mostly by my mom and her co-workers)- the capsule hotel.

In Kyoto there's this capsule hotel that I found called 9 Hours, and it looks just as futuristic and straight out of a sci-fi movie as it does on its website.  I've found that it's actually cheaper to book through their website, and since I was staying in hostels the whole trip, this was the most expensive place I stayed in.  But it's all about the experience, right?   It looked a lot more fancy and sci-fi than a lot of the other capsule hotels I saw online, so I took the plunge. 

Who wouldn't want to sleep here?

Dear JJ…

Dear JJ,

I’d like you to know first and foremost that I have never before been compelled to write to a celebrity. I would like you to know secondmost that I have just finished watching season 1 of ‘Alcatraz’, and thirdmost that I have some giant, Ultrasaurus-sized bones to pick with you.

Oh it’s a thing, JJ. Perhaps you could use it in your next show, in the middle of an English village in the early 1900s.

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