Gay Sauna: Man To Man with Free Entrance for Men in Their 20s

A new sauna has opened near Sindang station. Their biggest draw? Free entry to those in their 20s (well, more specifically for those born between 1990 and 1996... apparently I am not in my 20s any more).
For men who have a couple more years under their belt, you can get in for 5,000 won during the day and after 6 pm entrance is 10,000 won.

To get to Man to Man, take exit 6 of Sindang Station (line 6 and 2) and walk 20 meters. It is the second grey building (길현빌딩) on the 4th floor. 

I thought it was fish cake!

Nothing new seems to be coming out of Korea in terms of queer news, so I decided to translate this old article. It is hilarious. In case you don't know what 어묵 is, it is that fish cake you often see in Korea.

Equus' New Location

A reader commented that Equus has moved and was asking about the new location. Here it is:

Queer Links from the Week

Gayspeak: 찜방 (Gay Sauna Cruising Spot)

As mentioned on this blog in the past, there are saunas in Korea where you can find a bit of man on man action. So what do we call them?

찜방 (jjim-bang)

It comes from the word that most of you will be familiar with: 찜질방. Leave it to the gays to shorten it... There are a bit of them in Seoul... check out List of Gay Saunas in Seoul to find the one nearest you.

Let's use it in some expressions:

Come Back to GM Event

GM gay sauna is having an event. On weekdays (minus Friday) you can get in for just 10,000 won for the month of December. They also have a bear day; on the last Thursday of every month, you can only get in if you weigh more than 80 kilograms. I think I weigh 81 kilos... does that make me a bear in Korea? 

Has anyone been to this sauna? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments. 

To get to GM, take exit 5 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park. Walk straight for 20 meters. 

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