Get a Glimpse of the Future at Renovated Samsung d'light in Gangnam

Last month, Samsung d’light, located within the Samsung Electronics Building in Gangnam, reopened its doors to give tech nerds and gadget geeks an intimate peek into the future.

Founded in December 2008 to showcase the latest in Samsung’s consumer electronics, Samsung d’light recently underwent a three-month transformation from a showroom to something that more closely resembles a museum. However, unlike most museums, which generally paint a picture of the past, Samsung d’light allows visitors to imagine what the world might be like in the next decade or two.

Taking Down Samsung’s No Union Policy: The Samsung Electronics Service Union

On July 29th, The International Strategy Center’s Policy and Research Coordinator Dae-Han Song and Communications Coordinator Hwang Jeong Eun met with Sunyoung Kim, the chair of the Samsung Electronic Service Union for the Yeongdeungpo District in Seoul of the Korean Metal Workers Union to talk about the union’s struggle and their trailblazing as the first union recognized by Samsung.

Can you give us a brief background to the Samsung Electronic Service Union?

My first Kpop concert (sort of)


Eh eh eh eh eh eh eeeeh 2NE1

What's up we're 2NE1!!!

‘If Samsung Makes Makgeolli’

As strange as it sounds, CEO of Kooksoondang brewery Bae Jung-Ho wants just that. An article recently ran in the Korea Times about the need for more competition within the […]

Samsung shirts?

Samsung TVs, Samsung Washing machines, Samsung cellphones, this one is new to me! This picture was taken in Gangnam, very close to the Kyobo book store in Seoul.

Samsung fashion house

ABC Wednesday- S for Samsung Fashion :)

Need info on how to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note...

Hey all, my wife and I are unfortunately leaving Korea suddenly due to a family emergency and I have a cell phone question I'm trying to get some answers on. My wife purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note a few months back with Olleh and as we are now leaving, we're not sure if we can get it unlocked for use in the USA or if we should just sell if off before we go. 

Anyone with experience in how to get the phone unlocked and if so, can they be used abroad with Sprint or Tmobile? I've run searches but eveythings wishy washy maybe because this model is relatively new. Thanks in advance for the help. 

The Point-and-Shoot: Dying Technology

Recently I have had the chance to play around with two recent iterations of the classic digital point-and-shoot. Now I am not going to start a rant about whether a point-and-shoot is worth of being mentioned on this blog or what not. I am also not going to start up that age old discussion about whether or not they are better than a fully-loaded DSLR. Nope, I am going to discuss the revelation I had when I cracked open the box to a new Samsung MV-800.

Sony and Samsung

KAs@Work: Hyun Kim, CEO of DNST

Quick Hits: Chris Gohomely, Samsung Firing Back and the USA RSVP

Maybe now he can finally pursue that degree in Korean women’s studies

I assume he was struck by lightning just moments prior

The Changing Face of Korea

It’s early morning. As the sun creeps over the horizon I am dressed and walking as people around me sleep. The eerie stillness of dawn is broken by a 50-year-old woman clad in bright pink jogging around the nearby playground. As she makes her approach to the swings, feeling eyes upon her, she turns to stare at me. Ignoring the glare I walk onwards to the bus stop.

Koreans care for their image. Walking down a high street you will see brands plastered over the citizens who have opted to buy luxury brands with their hard-earned cash. 

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