Iran Leads the Way

Graham Allison offers a serious test for the non-proliferation regime to handle. I doubt it's possible to get UNSC rivals to agree on much.The best hope for defining a meaningful red line is to enshrine the Iranian supreme leader's affirmations that Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons in a solemn international agreement that commits Russia [...]

Between a Rock and the Spastic

Without elections to hold or a stock market to bolster, DPRK is conducting a realist push for nuclear status and sovereignty in Northeast Asia. Governments regurgitated the standard, bloated adverbs and scary factoids. Two reports in The Economist and NYT make contradictory claims without attribution, about whether Washington - "The test [...]

Beijing Complicates Non-Proliferation Campaign

Even more noteworthy than any discussion of nuclear non-proliferation in the Independent Task Force on U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy report is the jarring topic of PRC's nuclear arsenal. In a CFR conference call with General Brent Scowcroft, moderator Charles D. Ferguson downplays how American policy on Russia and PRC operate on two different tracks.We also [...]

What the Stag Wants and Won't Get

I have this sense that Jeffrey Lewis and Bruce Klingnor are one good DPRK policy advocate inconveniently split between two partisans. Here's what Bruff Klingwis might write: First Part Although deeply injurious to U.S. interests, nothing that Kim Jong-il has done is irrational, crazy or, that old orientalist favorite, inscrutable. The North Koreans have repeatedly stated that [...]

The Week We View - Mar 8th

>Economy got you down? Money a little tight? Worry not dear readers. The trip to hell in a hand basket is free --but seating is tight.>Unemployment rose to 8.1% this week, a 25-year high, with 651,000 jobs being lost in February alone. Experts expect the economy to shed a total of 2.4 million jobs this year exceeding 9% in overall unemployment. The good news? Spring is here --enjoy the time off.>

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