O’Donnell and the End of American Exceptionalism (Video)

It would be helpful to have a reasonable opinion about the significance for the Republican party of Christine O’Donnell’s primary victory and putative nomination in Delaware. Unfortunately, “a victory for Democrats” is not it. And, neither is Conn Carroll’s nonsensical rationalization, that O’Donnell has a “strained relationship with the truth” but is a “net positive” for the GOP.

Fortunately, there’s this:

Too Much Faith in Numbers

Kendrick Meek is the Florida Democratic party’s candidate for US Senate. I didn’t vote for him, but now it’s time to close ranks and take the fight to both Charlie “Opportunist” Crist and the GOP’s Marco Rubio. As much as I like to see confidence, though, perhaps Meek’s campaign manager, Abe Dyk, is bit fixated with electoral math.


The math does not add up for Florida’s elected Republican Governor.

With universal name recognition, Charlie Crist abandoned his Republican primary fight against Marco Rubio. Only 39% of Democrats supported Crist at a time when Kendrick was completely unknown beyond his district, a number that will be a high-water mark for him running against a Real Democrat.

The Truth about Tax Cuts and Deficits (Video)

It’s a re day when The Economist and Rachel Maddow agree. But, tax cuts swell the Federal budget deficit.

And so it begins

Oh, Alabama.

OK, so maybe that wasn't the best idea

OK, so maybe that wasn't the best idea

Obama blames swine flu on George Bush

President Barack Obama today placed blame for the outbreak of the Swine Flu on the previous administration of George W. Bush.In a quickly called press conference Obama claimed that it was no coincidence that scientists believe the Swine Flu made its way into America over the Texas border.Speaking without the aid of a teleprompter the president said, "There has been a great deal of, uhmm,

The handshake and the bow: It just won't die

More handshake nonsense --now coming from the upper echelon of the Republican party. With America's former top dick, Vice President Cheney, tossing in his three bits during an interview with Sean "insanity" Hannity.Dicky boy said, “ have to be very careful. The world outside there, both our friends and our foes, will be quick to take advantage of a situation if they think they're dealing

Conservatives vs. Liberals: The Greatest Show on Earth

While the Federal Reserve in Washington and the Central Bank in London continue their decades-old (for the Brits centuries-old) game of fleecing the world, we do at least have the consolation of some fine entertainment on the main stage in America.Watching the Anglo-based alchemists, dressed as "conservatives" and "liberals", with their newly appointed, melanin-rich-middle-man, Barack Obama, and

Cheney assassinates Obama after only 56 days in office

Seldom does life offer such dark comedy the likes of our former Top Dick defending the Bush record while taking pot shots at the sitting president on national television. A president who is left to manage the mess Cheney helped make.It was like watching an arsonist yell obscenities at firemen outside a building he just set ablaze.In an interview with CNN's John "No, really I am a journalist"

The Religious Right puts Darwin's theory in serious doubt

I am a firm believer in evolution and the complete lack of intelligent design in the process. But when I look at right wing religious groups such as the American Family Association, I wonder if some of us ever made that last step from ape to human.The most recent evidence comes in their call for Republican National Party chairman, Michael Steele, to resign for saying that abortion is a choice but

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