Redevelopment (Groove)

Finding Haenggung Road

The traffic on the way in was as hectic as expected for a Saturday afternoon. We eventually managed to park the car, and then we wandered out into the afternoon.

In front of the old palace that sat in the centre of the city fortress, stalls had been set up for some occasion that were mostly selling snacks and bric-a-brac, or were flaunting some flyers for some form of a healthier lifestyle. We picked our way through it, stretching our necks to see what all the fuss was over at certain stalls and helping ourselves to free samples, but all the time veering to the shadier side of aisles in between the lines of white canopied stalls.

Development projects screw South Korean sex workers

The sex industry is one of those rare anomalies where hard times are good for business. And, if I may beat the metaphorical horse even further into the next world, candlelight is usually not without its sexual charms.But for prostitutes in Seoul's Yongsan red-light district, neither candles nor hard times are helping. With their workplaces being demolished to make way for new development, and

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