Letter to Ireland, August 2011


Dear Ireland,

In little more than a week I will be gone. Two months and bit seemed a long time when I had first planned the trip. Fortunately, this letter is nothing to do with nostalgic goodbyes full of clichés about the speed of the weeks and the grass never being as green as anywhere but home. No, none of that, so you can be happy or sad as it makes no odds to the outcome of this letter.

It’s an odd situation having returned after a year and taken the time to really take in the changes. Of course I’ve done it before on plenty of occasions but this time I suppose I have been more analytical. I have had no honeymoon and attached radiant bride to obscure my opinions. I have not returned from England where I did not have a very good living experience. I have not returned to Ireland after a fleeting departure and return.

Deficit Hawks Miss the Point

Those who want to target the housing market or take a scalpel to military spending and subsidies can take heart from a real argument about how the budget deficit affects jobs.

At the OPEC meeting in Vienna there's a whole lotta shakin' going on

The Saudis seem a bit worried with all the talk of alternative fuels going on in Washington. And the response coming out of this year's OPEC International Seminar in Vienna is clear: Don't give up on oil just yet.And like any good sales pitch, it is being framed as a, "for your own good" proposition, with the Saudi oil minister, Ali al Naimi, saying that calls to switch to alternatives are

The recessions spares no one

As "Norm" from Cheers once said, "It's a dog eat dog world, and I am wearing milk bone underwear."Yes boys and girls, things suck. With the Sesame Street layoffs, we have Cookie Monster on the corner begging for loose change, Big Bird ferrying overweight tourist around the Hawaiian Islands, Elmo waiting tables in a greasy diner and Burt pimping Ernie out at the Greyhound bus terminal.The "in"

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