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Translation: Homosexuality in Korean News During the 50's and 60's "Mental Disease", "Special Environments", "Murder of Passion"

The following is a translation of Section 1 of Homosexuality in Korean News During the 50's and 60's. I'll be translating one section a week. If you see any mistakes in my translation, please leave a comment below. ^^ 

Reading List: Key Results of the South Korean LGBTI Community Social Needs Assessment Survey

Chingusai has published a great document that I recommend to all my readers. Key Results of the South Korean LGBTI Community Social Needs Assessment Survey, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Chingusai, is chock-full of statistics related to the lives of LGBTI individuals in Korea. With an online survey that ran from October to November 2013 and an offline survey the following month, the 3,159 respondents should decently reflect Korean society, but you should keep in mind that there will be self-selection bias in the results... including a focus on younger respondents. 

Reading List: "queer, fly"

The BF is was a student at SNU and a member of Queer in SNU (QIS) and brought home their biannual queer, fly journal. A collection of essays, stories, and reports on queer issues, most all of the articles available online are written in Korean, but the most recent journal (number 17) has two articles written in English. Unfortunately, article 17 isn't available online yet, but you can find it on SNU's campus.

Reading List: Meatballs for Everyone (모두에게 완자가)

I've found a webtoon that deals with lesbian issues in Korean! And probably way after some of my readers... I know that this blog is utterly lacking in substance for the LBTQI part of LGBTQI. Would love if some writers out there could help me with that...

Anyways, the comic is unfortunately all in Korean, but webtoons are definitely a great way to practice those reading skills ^^ Or maybe to send to a Korean friend who doesn't believe you that gays exist in Korea ㅋㅋ

Reading List: Male Homosexuality in the King and the Clown Hybrid Construction and Contested Meanings

Book Giveaway: Korea The Impossible Country by Daniel Tudor

This is the Kimchi Queen's first book giveaway! The folks at Tuttle Press have a score of books on Korea and in this sweepstakes will be giving two copies of Korea: The Impossible Country to readers of this blog.

Reading List: The Pollen of Flowers and The Subversive Strain in Modern Korean Films

Reading List: Days and Dreams by Kang Seok-kyeong

My Reading List section has mostly been focused on academic works about homosexuality in Korea, but I see no reason why it shouldn't include fictional works that touch on homosexual themes.

Reading List: My Queer Korea: Identity, Space, and the 1998 Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival

Reading List: Dont Ask Dont Tell: Gay Korea (sic)

Madeinepal wrote a blogpost about gay Korea. It isn't the most inspired report, but it does include an interview with my boyfriend so I thought I'd share.

To read the rest of the article, visit Madeinepal

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