Random Weekly Review

87. Lemon Tree Cafe (Random Weekly Review)

As a red-blooded American, I have occasionally been guilty of thinking the world revolves around the U.S.A. Go ahead, call me an Imperialist Asshole. I try to remind myself it’s not whenever this happens. But, in Korea, with American-style English being crammed in the brain of every child, a McDonald’s on every corner, and usually a Starbucks right next to it, it’s not always easy.

The popular music scene, however, is often a great way to remember. K-Pop dominates. Occasionally, too, a song from elsewhere in the world catches ROK ears, a song that barely registers, if at all, in the United States.

In the mid-1990s, that song was “Lemon Tree.”

76. Mint Bloom Flower Cafe (Random Weekly Review)

In the highly, highly saturated Korea coffee shop game, it’s important to have a good product and an interesting concept–unfortunately, brand recognition doesn’t hurt, either–if you want to have any chance of lasting more than six months. There’s just so much.

Fortunately Mint Bloom Flower Cafe (Samgye-dong, Gimhae, 055-339-4919) has at least two of those essentials.

Located in Samgye-dong, Gimhae, the first thing I noticed when walking into this spacious cafe was the scent.

Fresh flowers.

55. Cafe Ever (Random Weekly Review)

Am I the only person who thinks this cafe’s logo looks like the place would be a ski lodge in a 1980s movie about the K12?

Cafe Ever, a tribute to skiing the K12.

Cafe Ever. Go that way really fast. If an Americano gets in your way, ask for milk (and possibly get confused looks from the baristas).

24. L’Revelry (Random Weekly Review)

There are real people behind the many, many, many coffee shops that line the streets of South Korea.

Recently, I noticed the closure of a cafe owned by a friend and former associate of Wart’s here in Gimhae. I had planned to get a photo of it and even do one of these “RWR’s” for it because of its personal connection, as well as its Konglish-y name, (which I won’t mention here. Why kick the coffee cup when it’s empty?). Now, in place of yet another coffee shop, will be yet another barbecue restaurant (it seems). Hopefully, Wart’s friend did not lose a lot of money from the business venture. But, I have to imagine at least something was lost.

I thought about this when I popped into L’Revelry after work today.

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