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I Got it!!!


So about a month or so ago, I started a project to see if I could get the espresso machine of my dreams using only the income earned from my photography. When I started I thought that it would be an easy thing. Little did I know that social or crowd funding was such a tricky business.

It was a long few weeks of campaigning and posting. Strangely enough, there was a mixed response largely due to how I put across my intentions. Most took this project as a “Something for nothing” type of deal rather than what I was thinking it was, and that was a “help me out in exchange for photos of Korea” deal.

Fundraising event!!


Hey everyone! This is the first time that I have tried something like this. So, I have the opportunity to buy a really sweet espresso machine but the catch is that I am married and my wife will most likely kill me if I spend $800 on a used espresso machine (plus grinder and goodies!)… really…. she  would…

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