How Much to Charge for Your Work

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“Spec Work” Does Not Pay the Bills

Spec work basically means that you work for free to build your portfolio prior to actually getting hired to do a job. This is great and the first time around seems like a wonderful idea. Think about it, a cool magazine reaches out to you because they seen your posts on facebook groups. If you don’t have any experience, you may think the best way to get your feet wet is you take a couple of free gigs to get some exposure. They only exposure that you will get likely is that of being a photographer that works for free.

The Internet: How Much Time is Too Much Time?

This is kind of an old argument…

If someone told you that you spend too much time on the internet, how would you respond?

Maybe I would say that don’t spend that much time on the actual internet, but I do spend a lot of time using various social network services or websites. I think I wouldn’t say I spend too much time, but I would admit that I am an avid addict of the world of knowing someone else’s business whilst trying to make my own business look, well, fascinating.

Let’s take a little look at where I am:

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