The sinking of the MV Sewol (세월호 침몰 사고) occurred on April 16th...

The sinking of the MV Sewol (세월호 침몰 사고) occurred on April 16th 2014 en route to Jeju from Incheon. At this point 278 people have died and 29 people are missing from this tragedy. One of the reasons why this situation is so heartbreaking is because majority of those on the ferry were high school students from Danwon High School, from Asan.

All over Korea, people are tying yellow ribbons with messages at public, temporary memorials for victims. Candlelight vigils and public demonstrations to impeach President Park Geun-hye are a regular occurrence these days. Events (e.g. festivals, music concerts, and individual school celebrations such as Sports’ Day) are still being canceled out of respect for the victims, which is both touching and annoying.

Seriously Boring...

Hi everyone!

It's been a week since my last post and over this week everything has been pretty boring... like seriously... nothing out of the ordinary, on the weekend we filmed 2 videos for our Youtube channel and sunday we finally relaxed; we had a BBQ on our rooftop and finished with some wine and strawberries.

Things over here have been kind of depressing, the whole country feels sad and is VERY attent to the news of the Sewol Ferry disaster.

Me and the people around me, feel very sad about this and would like to help but now is not the right time, perhaps in a couple of weeks we'll be able to do some volunteer work over in Jindo, meanwhile, we keep praying....hope is the last thing we loose, isn't it?

I hope you understand why I've been so "quiet" on my blogging and I'll come back soon with better contents (here's hoping!)

-Gisela V.

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