Potty Humor

Poop bread 동빵 ♥ Disgustingly Cute Korean Street Snack

Today I have an extremely amusing and delicious Korean snack to share with you~ Poop Bread!

Cocks in Korea

Well that sounds DELIGHTFUL!

Yay cocks!

What happened last night…

Most bus stops around schools have paintings on the wall of kids playing or cute animals.  This one is around 신대방 station and had a bunch of boys playing old games like marbles and.. er…this just looks kinda wrong. Human Centipede?

hemorrhoid deerp face

Hemorrhoids? Constipation?

From now on don’t hold it in, come in for a consultation.

Basic translation of the GIANT SIGN they had posted in the metro the other day to promote a medical center in Seoul haha.

I just love the look on her face… its confused, upset, and intrigued at the same time. Just like we all are when we get hemorrhoids….YUP.

Potty Time

Well hello random strange Noraebang 노래방 potty.

and here is another one at a cafe in Hongdae!

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