NK snubs Polish businessman, refuses to pay back loan on embassy renovations


It’s been seven years and Polish businessman Andrzej Kompa is still waiting for repayment on a $2 million loan made to the North Korean embassy in Poland for renovations to their Warsaw digs back in 2005.

Apparently, the loan was to be repaid by revenue taken in from fees the North Korean delegation would earn by renting out part of the building. (I suppose it might be a novelty spot for anniversary’s, business meetings, breakdance competitions, etc.)

The Magda Incident from Another Immigrant’s Perspective

It’s an old story; immigrants come into your country, steal all the jobs, drink too much, eat strange smelling food, have sex with all the local women and get them pregnant, do things differently, and then when the economy breaks down they sit around claiming more than their fair share of benefits. Dirty bloody immigrants.

And so a narrative for something like this appeared from Ireland recently. ‘Magda’, who lives in Donegal, is an immigrant from Poland. She survives on government welfare because she lost her job in the recession. She was approached by a Polish magazine to report on how she was surviving in Ireland during said recession. Apparently this publication was running a series on Polish emigrants’ lives in recession ravaged European countries.

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