More Queer Podcasts: I'm Doing Fine and 6 Light Rainbow

I introduced QueerCast back in October, but since then have found a bunch of LGBT podcasts. Ranging from talks about queer history and LGBT rights to podcasts that sound more like listening to a bunch of your friends chatting, like 별일없이산다 (I'm Doing Fine), if for nothing else they make for great listening practice. I'd be lying if I said that I understand everything that is going on, but every once in a while I have a great aha! moment.

Podcasts: Anonymous Said

Anonymous Said is a podcast about Kpop, entertainment, and life in Korea. Each podcast has an anonymous guest where they talk about events in Korea and the behind the scenes life of Kpop stars. By talking anonymously and not using names of the idols being gossiped about, AS hopes to shed light on some of the negative sides of the Kpop industry.

Brian Deer on the Wakefield Autism Scandal

I’m really pleased Russ Roberts stepped outside of his usual economics beat, to talk with Brian Deer on Autism, Vaccination, and Scientific Fraud about the Andrew Wakefield controversy. It’s a real public service.

Before Deer’s inquiries, Wakefield had appeared to all the world to be an independent, if controversial, researcher. Tall and square-headed, with hooded eyes and a booming voice, he was the son of doctors (a neurologist and a family practitioner), had grown up in Bath, a prosperous, west-of-England spa town, and joined the Royal Free in November 1988, after training in Toronto, Canada. His demeanour was languid – he was privately educated – and, born in 1956, he was a lingering example of the presumed honour of the upper middle class.

If Political Debate Were Logical…

…I’m sure debunking these political controversies, as the Five Skeptics really try to do, such as the sale of automatic weapons as an example of the slippery slop fallacy and the autism/vaccination controversy as an example of the post hoc fallacy, would go far to settling these thorny debates. Unfortunately, this is not a logical discussion.

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Seeing No Evil

Do you have a preference in the Apple vs. Google war? Still hating Microsoft? Thomas Hazlett and Russ Roberts reveal how remarkably similar is the strategy both Apple and Google follow, to make the illusion of Apple vs. Google so compelling.

All great market innovations challenge entrepreneurs to do two things: (a) get other firms
to help create specialized products, and (b) maintain sufficient control to guide the
process while extracting a generous portion of its returns. These tasks carry obvious
tensions. Builders of complex ecosystems handle them differently.

Kat Banyard on Sexual Violence

One misconception that screams for redress is, that rape has anything to do with sexual desire. Kat Banyard in a recent Little Atoms episode is a post-post-feminist feminist – someone who doesn’t take equality for granted – and an anti-porn feminist. She tackled the relationship between porn and rape in a brief letter (Note: UK context).

I Just Don’t Control My Own Brain Any More

A Constitution for Slaves

That “America Needs A New Constitution” sounds radical, but not to George Kenney.

The men who wrote the Constitution devised it, above all else, to make possible a compromise, a union between North and South, for defense against foreign adversaries and for active expansion toward the West. The South agreed only because the Constitution guaranteed a wealthy minority — Southern slave holders — disproportionate control over national policy. [1] We forget this sordid history because it’s convenient to do so, but also at our peril.

Brian Myers and My Demons

Dr. Brian Myers – on Let’s Talk Busan (with Kenneth May) – always brings out a certain demon in my spirit. On one hand, I was an analyst and linguist for the U.S. Army. I listened to North Koreans (very boring job). I worked with some of the most annoying South Koreans on the planet. It seems like a niche market, right? I mean how many hundreds get to study Korean and listen to North Koreans. On the other hand, I’ve never visited the DPRK, and I really don’t see myself doing so in my lifetime. Gulags, poverty…what’s interesting in any of that. I can’t even amass the sort of evidence a dilettante would need to become an expert. And, need I remind you in this venue, I’m mercifully no longer an analyst. I live in the better Korea now, and I married one of the better sort of Koreans. But, I’m no longer a koreaphile.

Why I Like Electric Politics

Podfather, Electric PoliticsProps to George Kenney and his Electric Politics podcast, and Dr. David Kanin. I’ve commented on a few sites over the years, and given and taken my fair share of abuse. Once in awhile, an exchange is fruitfully consummated. But, I’ve now received two emails from Kanin. The exchange almost gives me hope about the communicative potential of the internet – almost.

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