Another Brick in the Brainwall

The mind is a big brickwall
that must be dismantled brick
by brick
Meanwhile, someone adds more bricks
brick by brick
by brick
by brick, by brick
by brick
There are so many
you’re always tempted to turn focus
rather than focus on the one in your hand.
But, pay attention.
You can’t get those bricks off
except one by one
one at a time
one at a time
a glacially slow, painful process
that doesn’t look like real progress
But the alternative is a wall,
complete, no seams, no cracks, letting in no light
Or worse–
A wall so tall,
it topples over you
smothering you
taking your own light
and the light outside.
So, be patient, be polite, be precise, be diligent
But, most of all,
be patient.

A Lesson in Perseverance

In 2008 I was on the brink of getting married, and I was busy contemplating what to do afterwards. There were plenty of options, easy and less easy, but none painted in any way a clear picture of the future.

At the time I was working in a relatively big language school on the south side of Seoul and I was nearing the end of my third year. I didn’t have any teaching qualifications, but much like today I talked a good fight and fancied my chances regardless of what happened.

Of course marriage was going to change everything. There was the obvious and easier option and then there was the riskier and more exciting option that you don’t hear of many newly-weds taking, at least not in Korea anyway.

The Art of Waiting

Imagine for a moment that a long time ago there was a secret art, or perhaps it was common practice, where people waited without fuss and hindrance. Do you have that picture in your head now? Good. Allow me to begin.


I just came back from a quick trip to the shop where I bought a can of Sprite and a packet of crisps (or what we shall call crisps for arguments sake). I went to one shop first and then moved on to another shop as it didn’t sell Sprite and I’m not hungover so Korean Cider wasn’t on the cards.

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