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More Summer Swimming

A waterfall and plunge pool in Jeri-on, Changnyeong is our new go to place to cool off. It is a short bike ride away and it is very pretty. Another place we will miss when we leave Koreae! :(

Last Camping Trip- Geoje Island

For our final camping trip we headed to Geoje Island. This is in south-eastern Gyeongsangnam province. We decided to camp at Munhwa Tourist Farm Park. We have been here once before in May 2012 and we kept meaning to return in peak season. We pre-booked our site via their website. It is all in Korean so we got our Korean colleague to help us. (Thanks Sohee!) The staff who work at the site speak fantastic English, there was no communication problems. Everybody is really helpful and friendly.

We arrived on Friday night. Every pitch has an electrical source, which is amazing. We brought our electric fan from home. It was really hot so having a fan was very luxurious!

Okcheon Streams

A few weeks ago David and I spent a Sunday bbq-ing in Okcheon, which is just ten minutes drive from our apartment in Gyeseong. After we finished eating we headed to the streams and spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off. It was a very nice and refreshing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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Sushi Restaurant

I have always wanted to go to a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt  (I dream big, I know!) and I finally went to one. David and I went to Sushi-aurant on Dong Sung-ro in down town Daegu. It cost 15,000 per person at lunch time. This included all the sushi you can eat and all the soft drinks you can drink. The menu was very varied. There were all different kinds of sushi as well is different meats. I stuck to the classic sushi dishes and David chose the duck, beef, chicken, fried doncas and spicy noodle dishes. We were both very satisfied and very full after an hour of gorging!

Half Marathon

At the finish line!

We did it!!! On Sunday David and I completed a half marathon. We participated in the Yeongdeok marathon. There were a variety of running courses available. We signed up for our preferred run via the internet. We heard about it after participating in the Daegu marathon where they handed out flyers advertising it.

Upo Wetland’s Trail

The weekend of 15th June David and I went to Upo Wetlands.

  • Upo Wetlands is located 10 km from Gyeseong. It is an environmentally important wetland. This is a great place to visit in all seasons. It is always bustling with wildlife. There are many good walking routes to explore, short and long. There are also bicycles (tandem and regular)  to rent throughout the year for a reasonable price.

Changnyeong Map

Picnic Season

Changnyeong to Bugok Hiking Trail

Changnyeong to Bugok

Hmmm do we really want to do this?!

Changnyeong to Bugok (4)

Cute dog hanging out on the top of Hahwang San!

Nam-Ji Canola Flower Festival

In April, our neighbouring town Nam-ji, holds a canola flower festival along the Nakdonggang River. David and I went yesterday.  It is an extremely pretty sight.  We went last year and we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. This year we decided it would be best to park a few miles away and walk there. It was a nice route. We walked along the river through Nam-Ji Bicycle Park. The festival was your standard Korea festival. There was plenty of food stalls and restaurants, pingy-pangy shops selling random items, a stage which a variety of performers, a ton of decorations, Bicycles to rent, a shuttle train ride and of course many fields and fields of yellow flowers. It was a nice day. We ate far too much junk but it wouldn’t be a Korean festival without it!

Daegu International Race

David, Amanda, Brandon and I decided to participate in the Daegu International Marathon Race. We all took part in the 10km run. We headed to Daegu on Saturday and stayed in a hostel (Danim Backpackers) as the race started very early the next day. The race was extremely busy, around 10,000 people participated. It was hard to run at times as there was no room to manoeuvre! We all completed the race with no problems and we got a medal for our troubles. Overall it was a really nice day!

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