Park Hyatt Marine City

My husband is awesome!

There are so many reasons why Aaron is awesome, but today, I'm gonna focus on something that recently happened that made me so proud of him!  About 3 months back, Aaron was contacted by the General Manager of the brand new Park Hyatt Marine City Hotel, in Busan, and asked to submit photographs of landmarks in Busan. They needed the photos immediately, so Aaron went out right away and took the most stunning photos of 4 of Busan's most famous landmarks: Beomeosa Temple, the Gwangan Bridge, Yonggungsa Temple on the water and Seokbulsa Temple.  The Hotel's GM was over the moon when Aaorn submitted the photos and they were quickly approved by the big wigs at the headquarter in America and Aaron was promptly sent a hefty check for his work...

3 more weekends!

It's Sunday night here now, which means I only have 3 more weekends left of living in Asia!  WHAT?!  I've been dead set on getting out of the apartment to see some of my favorite places in Busan one last time before we go!  So, Friday night Aaron and I went to a really cool makgeolli and pajung place in Seomyeon that had actual built in lofts (think bunk bed style) where you could climb a ladder and sit on the floor up above everyone else! Sadly our group was too big (Me, A, Stella, Chris, Ashley, Adam, Priscilla, Grace, Jeff, and JuhYe) so we got sat at a table in the back next to the piles of makgeolli bottles!  It's a good thing we don't NEED a built in loft to have a good time!   The pajung was to die for!

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