packing for Korea

Hey! I am getting ready to move to Korea in August, and trying to figure out how to pack my life into 2 suitcases for the next year. How were you able to do it, and what tips can you give! Thanks!

Yep no problem! I only brought two pieces of luggage just like you. Honestly this is the best way to...

How to Quit Your Job and Teach Abroad...Without Regrets

Fully airbrushed for the yearbook
Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity in many ways.  If you're an aspiring teacher it is invaluable experience that will shine brightly on your resume for future job prospects.  It's also a great way to travel while working.  A win-win situation.  You're getting paid to work in a country that you've always wanted to visit.

How Much Money Should You Bring to Korea?

A common concern for all soon-to-be foreign teachers in South Korea is "how much money should I bring?"  I'm asked this a lot and it really depends on a couple things.

  1. How Martha Stewart you are
  2. Who you will be working for

What to Bring to Korea and What to Leave Behind

Leading up to my much anticipated departure to Korea, I was wondering what I should pack.  The more I read or watched, the more I found that I wasn't sure what items would be in Korea and what wouldn't.

Now I've been here for over a year and I've realized that some "must brings" really weren't necessary at all.  I've found that there are some things I REALLY wish I had packed.

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