O'Sulloc Teahouse in Nampodong Market

In case you haven't noticed O'Sulloc Teahouse / Teashop has opened in Nampodong market.

Its right along the famous Gwangbok Street (the narrow winding one way street for cars with alot of walking room on the sides).

Prices are quite good and their green teas are excellent!

Here's a great and more detailed post about O'Sulloc's Nampodong Location from Sereni Tea Time

Osulloc Magnolia Blossom Tea

My evening tea has been greatly enhanced by a Korean tisane from Osulloc. I'm not sure if the brand is Osulloc or perhaps owned by one of those Korean Irish we can find in Seoul's St.Patricks Day Parade: one of the O'Sulloc's.

Joking aside this is one excellent tea company (and no I'm not taking any won for saying so).
The company is based on Jeju island where they produce a wide variety of teas.

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