Osaka tower

Photos from Japan- A Small Sample of Kyoto and Osaka.

Kyoto Pictures-1

Some Beautiful Japanese Girls in their classic Kimonos by the Kiyomizu Temple

Journeying in Japan… Part 1, Osaka and Kyoto.

Leaving Taiwan with a tinge of regret that I didn’t have more time there, I boarded my flight bound for the second leg of my summer trip in Japan. Osaka was my initial destination where I would meet Luke, a friend from my time in Changwon and one of my team mates in the football team I currently play for. Flying into Osaka Kansai airport is a unique experience in itself as you swoop down from the sky, narrowly clearing a steel bridge that connects the artificial man-made island to the outskirts of Osaka. Apart for the last few seconds of flight it appears you are about to land on water and I believe on a stormy day the spray from the waves would tickle a planes undercarriage. Heart in the mouth moment over and baggage collected I got on the first of my pocket lightening train journeys to Tennoji, a district in Osaka that was close to our first lodgings, Bonsai Guesthouse.

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